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  • Mr. Santoyo and I have had a few conversations about possibly selling but nothing set and stone, in a time span of, I want to say 1 year maybe 8 months was the last time we spoke. I received a call not to sell but for help!!! The conversation started out with possible cancer and being in an out of the hospital, now face to face with Mr. Santoyo I could see and feel his pain. He mentioned that a man had come over to his house and left a note to contact his lender about payment in full or your house would be foreclosed. So much to bear with his current health problems now scared that he could possibly be homeless. Mr. Santoyo line of credit aka second mortgage charged off in 2012 after the charge off he later received a 1099-C as a charged off account with a specified dollar amount. Mr. Santoyo reported his 1099-C as income Does Mr. Santoyo owe if he paid taxes on his 1099-C? Between speaking to different lenders, title companies, tax accountants, countless hours of back and forth everyone had a different answer some would say no you don’t have to pay, some would say yes you have to pay. What to do I advise its time to seek legal counsel to get a straight answer. Turns out that even though taxes were paid the lender has the right to enforce a foreclosure for their payment why, because it’s not an unsecure loan even if a 1099 was issued. In the process of negotiating with the bank I was able to settle at principal amount with no interest from 2012 till present. I’m happy to announce that Mr. Santoyo is cancer free and doesn’t have to worry about any more threatening letters.
    Name: Santoyo Mike

  • “Bon voyage" I’m sure you heard of a boat house or a house boat but, what about a boat on top of your house? As you walk into the house you can see the bottom of a Chris craft boat on your ceiling, it’s a pretty awesome design. The owner worked in construction and over the years has done so much inside and out. You really get a feel of being at the beach but living in Pomona. My buyers Adrian and Diana were a referral from previous referral shout out to my friend Wendy my referral source, thank you. While touring homes the house sold itself. Not much to say other than, are you ready to submit an offer?
    Adrian and Diana are both literally on-board LOL. Very excited waiting for our offer to be presented. I get an email from the listing agent that our offer is a back up offer. I contact Diana to let her know where we stand. My clients are bummed out, the kids had already picked out their bedrooms before moving in. The kids are now crying, it’s a very disappointing moment. I continue to show homes but no sparks like the Boat house. Their daughter Delilah is very outspoken and wasn’t impressed with any of the other homes I was showing. I couldn’t agree more, once you fall in love, it's hard to just settle for any other house. Music notes, Ring a ling ling, my phone rings, the listing agent for the boat house asked if we were still interested, the other buyers never brought in their escrow deposit and the home is back on the market for us.
    I truly believe somethings are just meant to be. Congratulations to my buyers! Thank you for allowing me to help you with all of your Real Estate needs God bless.
    Name: Adrian&Diana

  • Thank you, God for Facebook. Alexco and I reconnected and starting talking about the good ole days, it turns out we might have been friends longer than high school. As a matter of fact, after a long conversation we discovered we were on the same pop warner football team. We both had the same coach the same year we played for the (Lincoln Heights wolverines). We soon began talking about buying. Alexco mentioned he would be working closer to my neck of the woods and mentioned that he wanted to live in the mountains. It was not a surprise to me that more and more friends are coming to the Inland Empire. Yes, it’s growing out here hint~ hint everyone. I’d love to see more of my friends and family out here. Alexco was very excited about living in the mountains, he pointed out that he’d be breathing in fresh air. After researching benefits to high elevated places, I found there were benefits which include #1. Increase in red blood count (delivers oxygen in blood) #2. Increase formation of hemoglobin (the oxygen binding part of the red blood) #3. All the great athletes train in high altitude to improve endurance. I told Alexco that in no time he would be in shape but in order to live in the mountains he would have to grow a beard to match his new life style. Please help me congratulate my friend & new homeowner Alexco for the purchase of his new home. Best wishes to you in your new home and may God continue to bless you amigo. Congratulations to you!
    Name: Alexco Olguin

  • There was no doubt I wanted to buy a home. For many years, I googled aimlessly and spoke to handful of realtors before realizing the qualities we wanted in our realtor. Pablo Ramirez is without a doubt the best realtor for your needs. It was refreshing to work with someone who not only matches but exceeds my desire to find that perfect home in a fast and efficient manner.
    Name: zuser20150810172422725


Mr. Santoyo and I have had a few conversations about possibly selling but nothing set and stone, in a time span of, I want to say ...
- Santoyo Mike


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