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  • Jordan and Michelle were racing against time, navigating a tight schedule to sell their home in the U.S. and embark on a life-changing move to Europe. Despite a few potential setbacks, perseverance led us to the perfect buyer. Now, they're settling into an amazing chapter across the Atlantic. Jordan and Michelle, your journey in Europe is just beginning, and I'm thrilled to have played a part in it. Here's to your new adventure, and thank you sincerely for entrusting me with this important transition. 🌍🏡 #NewBeginnings #GlobalMoves
    Name: Jordan and Michelle Nicoll

  • Wanted to share a little warmth to start your day. Here's a snapshot of the incredible families I've had the privilege of assisting in buying, selling, and refinancing their homes. Your trust means the world to me. Thank you for your referrals and for letting me be a part of your real estate journey. Wishing you a day filled with joy and beautiful moments. 🏡❤️ #GratefulRealtor #MorningWarmth
    Name: A few families, Avalos,Briseno,Martinez,Array,Baltazar,and the Munoz Family

  • Congratulation to the Diaz Family, I met Mr. Diaz at one of my open houses a few months ago. When we met he was currently working with another Realtor. I get a phone call out of the blue from Mr. Diaz “Can you help me find a house without any hesitation I said yes”. After a few offers submitted we finally got an accepted offer. This transaction was truly a reward not just a monetary one, but I had to sit back and take it all in. I asked him where the family was when I gave him his keys, he said that he didn’t have the heart to tell the wife and kids that they would soon be homeowners he couldn’t stand to see the kids’ faces of sadness or disappoint he wanted the keys first. After handing him his keys he gave me a look without any spoken words. I already knew how grateful he was his dream of home ownership became alive at that moment. Congratulations God bless the Diaz Family
    Name: Agustine Diaz

  • Tammy and I would meet once a week and drive from Ontario to Victorville, Apple Valley, Phelan, and the surrounding areas to look for homes. It was never a dull moment. Tammy and I really clicked. Occasionally I listen to Joel Olsten on Sirius radio, Tammy asked, “you listen to Joel to?” very excitedly, not knowing she was a fan. As we listened to Joel while searching for homes, Tammy and myself were very encouraged that we would find the right buyer for our home and I would find the right replacement home for Tammy. When I meet Tammy, she was still grieving from the loss of her Father. We met on a Monday and, she had previously buried her father last Friday. A few years prior her husband had passed, to make matters worse during our home search her dog who was her long companion of 16yrs died. I could only try to imagine how Tammy was feeling, so much grief, worries, anxiety, uncertainty. For a few weeks all we did was view homes, no offers were submitted. It was to much for Tammy at the present time. I continued showing her homes, and our long conversations later deepened. At times I felt like Dr. Phil. I encouraged Tammy to stay in Faith. I’m not sure how many trips we took to the high desert before Tammy realized this was really happening. After receiving a generous cash offer for her home, Tammy’s motivation came back to life. Tammy calls me and tells me she’s seen a home online that she really loved. I could hear the excitement in her voice later to tell her that the house she loved has gone pending. She was heartbroken but still hanging in there. We found another home, Tammy falls in love again, we submit an offer, unfortunately our offer was a backup offer. Meaning; should something happen to the offer that was accepted, our offer would be next in place to fill in. Tammy’s excitement drops from a 10 to a 3, feeling uncertain about finding a home. Tammy and I continued to pray and look for homes. The lord revels himself, the original home Tammy fell in love with has fallen out of escrow. As we walk thru the home the very 1st time, I can see Tammy holding back her tears. I asked Tammy not to cry until I gave her the keys. This transaction begins to unfold, our offer is accepted, the seller agrees to our repairs, we have a patiently buyer for our home, the listing agent is a great agent to work with. We close in less than one week, please help me congratulate my sister in Faith, Tammy.
    Name: Tammy Rheinhardt

  • It has been very fun and exciting working with such a great couple like Steven and Julia. Part of my Job is not only to help, buy or sell, but, to understand both husband and wife. This was Julia’s view while shopping for a home; looking for a great price, open to making alterations or remodeling. Looking at homes in it’s present condition was not a distraction, she was focused more on the end result. Steven on the other hand was looking for a great price, move in ready, inside and out, and very minimum to little or no updating, at all. Couples can be very much different and total opposite but they always seem to come together when it's time to make a big decision. Let me tell you, we seen a lot of homes but, this one here was the winner. My childhood friend, Steven and I used to play a game called ding dong ditch. We would knock on doors and run for cover, when someone would come to the door and see that no one was present, we would laugh as we watched hiding in the bushes, looking to see who would answer the door from a distance. We would laugh so hard and repeat the process until we got caught. We’ve shared so many great memories on the playground, little league baseball, throughout life and a fair share of struggles and setbacks, but not today. Steven, if you find yourself answering the door and no one is present, remember your childhood friend is watching and laughing from a distance, lol. Steven and Julia, Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to help you with all of your Real Estate needs.
    Name: Steve & Julia Rivera

  • At the close of escrow I enjoy delivering keys to my new buyers. I was out on vacation for this transaction, I was unable to deliver keys. Upon my return I contacted John to make sure everything closed smoothly. During the buying process we had tenants in the property we had to coordinate with, between closing on time and working with John's landlord, it took a toll on him. After speaking with him he mentioned he was feeling a bit under the weather so I decided to show up with a check from the renters who had to lease the property back for a few days while they got situated. I also brought him a gift and some medicine. As instructed 5 shots a day will keep the doctor away. Congratulations John, thanks for hanging in there
    Name: John Montez

  • Pablo Thank you so much, we are very excited about out new home!!!
    Name: Thanh Tran

  • Congratulations to the Garcia Family. I'd like to share a short story with you. I sold Gabriel’s home last year. In the mist of selling Gabriel's home he needed a replacement home. Gabriel purchased a For Sale by Owner home without using a realtor. The previous owner wanted to save as much as he could on the commission being paid out. I can’t blame him, but let me tell you what happens when you don’t use a professional. Gabriel decided to move forward so he up fronted a cash deal to purchase his new home. He calls me a year later, "Pablo, I want to sell my house, I am excited and pumped, let’s do this!!!" I come over, Gabriel tells me his name never appeared on title or on the grant deed, it was never recorded or done correctly. So he’s worried not sure what to do, and technically at this point it’s clear Gabriel doesn’t’ own the home. Omg, what to do. It’s Saturday morning Gabriel and I begin brainstorming, we have no option but to visit the previous owner. Out comes this voice of desperateness, Gabriel says, "I know where he lives” I’m thinking to myself this is going to be a long day LoL. We show up to the house, it appears there was a party the previous day, from a distance we see tables and chairs and canopies set up in the back yard. Gabriel being the nice guy that he is say’s "Let’s just come back, it looks like everyone is hung over from the night before." Ok no problem let’s try again at 5pm. So here we come again, it apears the tables and chairs were for that day's party. Lots of people everywhere, we are looking for the previous owner, so we ask a stranger "Excuse me, we are looking for Mr. R" he tells me that he is in the back, "Come right in." We replied, "We are not guest of the party" "Nonsense" says the Stranger. "Come right in, friends of Mr. R, are my friends to." At this point I’m hungry, the food smells terrific!! I can smell the carne asada, I have to make a judgement call, ok let’s walk in and out, I said. Mr. R is nowhere to be found. Gabriel run’s into Mr. R's Father and says "My son is out getting a haircut, he will be back shortly, You guys are welcome to have something to eat." Food has always been my weakness, I can’t resist. I was the first one to grab a plate, its almost 8pm the Mariachi, is playing the music is off, Gabriel is having a beer, my wife is blowing up my phone, if I tell her that I’m still working she is going to hear the music in the background or if I answer she is going to want an explanation. No time for that, so I don’t answer, I’ll deal with that problem when I get home. Finally Mr. R shows up, Gabriel and I approach him, we have a long conversation with him. Mr. R was very cooperative, I get the signatures I need to move forward, and the rest is history. This Home is SOLD !!!!!
    Name: Gabriel Garcia

  • My friend Sotero calls and asked if I knew any agents in San Diego who can help his mom find a house. I replied with "I sure do" you're speaking to him, lol. When can we meet? As the conversation continued he explained his mom is in the military, she is currently stationed in Korea and relocating to San Diego, keep in mind, we have a 16hr time difference. Teresa, Sotero's mom and I made contact through phone and email, we realized the phone calls sounded a bit choppy with some lag time in-between. Conversations through emails went on for weeks, looking at homes online without seeing them in person is very hard to do, time was ticking, Teresa must be in San Diego sometime in June, it’s now early April, Teresa tells me her husband Randy will be in San Diego, that following weekend to view homes. At this point I can hear the anxiety and a sense of urgency in her voice. Teresa sends me an email with Randy’s itinerary location, flight and eta . I had only spoken to Randy once over the phone. I’m on a mission to find a home. I had one weekend to make it happen. I show Randy 21 homes that weekend, it’s a do or die situation. While viewing homes Randy is on the phone with Teresa, I realize its 3am Korea time, I’m reminded that I needed to make this work asap. More and more pressure began to build up. I had a list of over 40 homes to show and I intended to show homes until Randy would say "Stop no more!!"
    Sunday mid-afternoon we walk into an open house, the view itself was worth a million dollars. Sotero and Randy are both on board, this is the one. I get a phone call from Teresa saying "Make it happen". A green light is given, it’s time to submit an offer. I received a counter back and forth, the listing agent and myself are negotiating what’s best for our clients, 7days gone by, we finally get a yes, "Lets open escrow!" Sellers have agreed to do the necessary termite work and a credit of 9k towards closing cost. Thank you Jesus!

    I’m honored to have been a part of this transaction, I thank you for your years of service and what you do for our country. Please help me congratulate Lieutenant Colonel United States Air Force Teresa Rivers and Retired Command Sergeant Major Randy Taft. Randy, Teresa and Sotero, Thank you for trusting in me.
    Name: Randy & Teresa

  • The Easter Bunny came over not with a basket but with a set of keys for a new home. Every day I would send Andrew current listings and new listings as they became available on the market. But it was strange that he only wanted to see maybe one or two homes each time we met. So, I asked Andrew if he wanted to maybe expand to other cities and look at more than one house. When I asked him, he said that he didn’t want to inconvenience me on Sundays or wasn’t sure how far I was willing to travel to show him homes. Andrew works 7 days a week and Sunday was the only day he had time to view homes. Shortly after asking Andrew not realizing how sympathetic and considerate he was towards my Sundays and family time. Wow what a nice guy!!! Andrew gave me a pep in my step to make this all possible, there was one particular home that stood out from the rest, I asked Andrew what he thought, and he said it was a 10 out 10 for him, that was all I needed to hear. Andrew was such a pleasure to work with, working with people like Andrew gives me the drive to always work harder and improve. Congratulations Andrew, enjoy your new home!!
    Name: Andrew Hernandez

  • Wendy my old high school buddy and I reconnected early March this year, we began to reminisce about the high school days, how our early mornings would start at 5am to catch the 1st bus at 6am, 2nd bus by 6:45 and the 3rd bus at 7:20, just enough time to make it right before the tardy bell rang at 7:55. We caught up and had a great conversation. We also talked about one day buying a house. Wendy was very determined in becoming a home owner. After looking at Wendy’s credit scores, 520, 504, 523, I knew we had to put a few things in place before moving forward. A few months went by, I called Wendy to see how she was making progress and if she had followed the action plan we put in place to help her credit scores go up, she mentioned she had been working with a different lender. Wendy had spoken to several lenders that really didn’t take the time to walk her through the process. Wendy was out house shopping one day she immediately called me “Pablo I found the house”, I could hear the excitement over the phone, unfortunately Wendy’s credit score wasn’t up to par to purchase. I immediately called and spoke with the listing agent, I explained our position and how my clients really loved the house. He said “Why don’t you give my lender a call, if he says he can do it then let’s move forward”. I called Chase the listing agent’s lender, I explained where our fico scores were, we began to brainstorm, the conversation went really well. I called Wendy and told her that we would be moving forward and opening escrow. More excitement over the phone. While going through the buying process nothing is guaranteed, everything is 50/50. So many behind the scene problems that can occur weather it’s the lender or issues with the home itself. This deal was really a blessing, how everything just so happened to fall into place. This was truly a group effort from both sides of the business, friends and family who chipped in and helped along the way, you know who you are, Thank you all so much. Wendy and Chris, Tis the season to be Jolly, Merry Christmas, Congratulations on your new home
    Name: Wendy Mercado

  • Mr. Santoyo and I have had a few conversations about possibly selling but nothing set and stone, in a time span of, I want to say 1 year maybe 8 months was the last time we spoke. I received a call not to sell but for help!!! The conversation started out with possible cancer and being in an out of the hospital, now face to face with Mr. Santoyo I could see and feel his pain. He mentioned that a man had come over to his house and left a note to contact his lender about payment in full or your house would be foreclosed. So much to bear with his current health problems now scared that he could possibly be homeless. Mr. Santoyo line of credit aka second mortgage charged off in 2012 after the charge off he later received a 1099-C as a charged off account with a specified dollar amount. Mr. Santoyo reported his 1099-C as income Does Mr. Santoyo owe if he paid taxes on his 1099-C? Between speaking to different lenders, title companies, tax accountants, countless hours of back and forth everyone had a different answer some would say no you don’t have to pay, some would say yes you have to pay. What to do I advise its time to seek legal counsel to get a straight answer. Turns out that even though taxes were paid the lender has the right to enforce a foreclosure for their payment why, because it’s not an unsecure loan even if a 1099 was issued. In the process of negotiating with the bank I was able to settle at principal amount with no interest from 2012 till present. I’m happy to announce that Mr. Santoyo is cancer free and doesn’t have to worry about any more threatening letters.
    Name: Santoyo Mike

  • “Bon voyage" I’m sure you heard of a boat house or a house boat but, what about a boat on top of your house? As you walk into the house you can see the bottom of a Chris craft boat on your ceiling, it’s a pretty awesome design. The owner worked in construction and over the years has done so much inside and out. You really get a feel of being at the beach but living in Pomona. My buyers Adrian and Diana were a referral from previous referral shout out to my friend Wendy my referral source, thank you. While touring homes the house sold itself. Not much to say other than, are you ready to submit an offer?
    Adrian and Diana are both literally on-board LOL. Very excited waiting for our offer to be presented. I get an email from the listing agent that our offer is a back up offer. I contact Diana to let her know where we stand. My clients are bummed out, the kids had already picked out their bedrooms before moving in. The kids are now crying, it’s a very disappointing moment. I continue to show homes but no sparks like the Boat house. Their daughter Delilah is very outspoken and wasn’t impressed with any of the other homes I was showing. I couldn’t agree more, once you fall in love, it's hard to just settle for any other house. Music notes, Ring a ling ling, my phone rings, the listing agent for the boat house asked if we were still interested, the other buyers never brought in their escrow deposit and the home is back on the market for us.
    I truly believe somethings are just meant to be. Congratulations to my buyers! Thank you for allowing me to help you with all of your Real Estate needs God bless.
    Name: Adrian&Diana

  • Thank you, God for Facebook. Alexco and I reconnected and starting talking about the good ole days, it turns out we might have been friends longer than high school. As a matter of fact, after a long conversation we discovered we were on the same pop warner football team. We both had the same coach the same year we played for the (Lincoln Heights wolverines). We soon began talking about buying. Alexco mentioned he would be working closer to my neck of the woods and mentioned that he wanted to live in the mountains. It was not a surprise to me that more and more friends are coming to the Inland Empire. Yes, it’s growing out here hint~ hint everyone. I’d love to see more of my friends and family out here. Alexco was very excited about living in the mountains, he pointed out that he’d be breathing in fresh air. After researching benefits to high elevated places, I found there were benefits which include #1. Increase in red blood count (delivers oxygen in blood) #2. Increase formation of hemoglobin (the oxygen binding part of the red blood) #3. All the great athletes train in high altitude to improve endurance. I told Alexco that in no time he would be in shape but in order to live in the mountains he would have to grow a beard to match his new life style. Please help me congratulate my friend & new homeowner Alexco for the purchase of his new home. Best wishes to you in your new home and may God continue to bless you amigo. Congratulations to you!
    Name: Alexco Olguin

  • There was no doubt I wanted to buy a home. For many years, I googled aimlessly and spoke to handful of realtors before realizing the qualities we wanted in our realtor. Pablo Ramirez is without a doubt the best realtor for your needs. It was refreshing to work with someone who not only matches but exceeds my desire to find that perfect home in a fast and efficient manner.
    Name: John Ho


Jordan and Michelle were racing against time, navigating a tight schedule to sell their home in the U.S. and embark on a life-cha...
- Jordan and Michelle Nicoll


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